The Right Kind of Knitting

I’m still knitting, but I haven’t posted for a while because I still lack a decent camera. And what is a knitting post without good pictures?

A better camera is a priority, but first I need a job …

Here’s what I’ve been knitting recently. In each case, the designer’s picture is on the left and mine is on the right.

At the top is Acadia by Carrie Bostick Hodge.

I’d had the yarn for ages – Fyberspates DK that I picked up in a sale – and I just needed the right pattern to come along. This was it. It knitted up very simply and is proving very useful in the damp Cornish autumn.

In the middle is Soay by Gudrun Johnson. I saw it in the colour of some Sublime Merino DK that I’d bought for another project that never quite happened. The yarn was a little heavier than was called for, but it was east to adjust and I love the result. It just needs a little defuzzing and a good pressing.

The pattern taught me how to knit set-in sleeves from the top down by picking up stitches around the armhole. It wasn’t difficult, and I’m glad I’ve done it so I won’t be intimidated by other patterns calling for that technique, but I didn’t really enjoy that bit of the knitting. Interminable short rows!

And at the bottom is Kelly by Anniken Allis, in lovely Sublime Soya Cotton DK. Mine isn’t quite so oversized and I’ve raised the neckline to make a very wearable garment. At least it will be when I pick up the pieces from the back of the sofa and sew them up.

it’s the biggest piece of lace knitting I’ve ever done. For years I though I couldn’t do lace, but a couple of years ago something – I’m not sure what – clicked and I realised that I could.

I have a small project on the go that I’ll write about another day, but on Sunday I decided that I must pick up a long neglected project.

I love Sedgemoor, and I thought I was nearly done when I blogged about it back here. But soon after that post I discovered that I had missed a pattern repeat and that I would have to do a lot of unripping and reknitting. I pushed Sedgemoor to the side and I allowed other projects to distract me.

But I am so glad I picked it up again. The pattern is lovely. The yarn is gorgeous. And I have realised that I am a cable girl at heart. And that I really am more of a process knitter than a project knitter.

Having the right knitting on hand really makes all the difference.

4 responses

  1. Jane, a fellow knitter here. What lovely patterns, especially that rose coloured cable. I’m a sock knitter these days as they make up relatively quickly and are so appreciated by their recipients. You’ve inspired me to look at some patterns I too have pushed aside. That rose cable is almost edible, it’s so lovely.

  2. Lovely, I admire any knitting that is not just garter stitch which is just about my limit, I have done other things but thank goodness my mum can get me out of a hole!

    I really must do a craft update post myself soon.

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