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  1. I have been unable to write anything remotely articulate about the feelings this song evokes. Every time I think I have found a kernel of meaning new memories pop up. I was in high school. Despite the images in the video I had no conception of what life in an actual northern town may have been like, but I found the joy AND melancholy in the music so compelling. When I wanted to wallow in an emotional bath, this was the song I would put on.

    I couldn’t tell for sure if it is a cor anglais or an oboe, but how often do you see one of those in a music video?

  2. This took me back to my days… I grew up in England (came over to US when I was 20 in 1983) and so had memories of these cold dark days of winter, even though I grew up nearer London (life in a southeast town)….

    Wah. I miss the 80s and all the energy and optimism that they had… (or was it just that time of life for me?)

    Anyway, fab memory. Thanks
    liz in texas

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