Not Only But Also

A little while ago I wrote, with great excitement, about the forthcoming reissue of Leo Walmsley’s Love in the Sun by the Walmsley Society.

Publication has been delayed a little, but the book should be with us by the end of September.

And that isn’t all!

Paradise Creek, a companion novel set some years later, is on its way too.

Both books are masterful pieces of piece of storytelling: emotionally involving, simple and utterly believable.

And they capture Cornwall perfectly.

The titles are linked to my original posts about the two books, just in case you haven’t come across the titles or the authour before.

I am thrilled that I shall be able to own copies, instead of visiting them in the library!

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  1. This guy sounds like a really interesting author. I am currently immersed in The Great Western Beach, a memoir by Emma Smith (?) about growing up on the Cornish coast between the wars. I expect you have already read it ages ago, but thought I would mention just in case. It is good.

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