A Dog Blogs: Blocking

Hello. It’s me, Briar!

I am branching out and writing a knitting post. Jane and I are both interested in knitting. She likes to do it and I like to sit on it.

Two days ago Jane finished knitting a shawl. She said to tell you that the pattern is Simmer Dim by The Shetland Trader and the yarn is Macushla by The Yarn Yard and the shade is Mischief.

She was very happy when she was knitting, because the pattern was very good and the yarn was very lovely. I can vouch for the yarn, because I did some sitting on it.

Today we did blocking. Jane soaked the shawl and then she pinned it out.  On the futon mattress in front of the aga. That shawl had the best seat in the house!

I love to sleep on the futon, and so it seemed like a good idea to go and have a little lie down next to the shawl. I wasn’t sitting on it, I was keeping it company. Honest!

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