A Dog Blogs: Five Things

Hello! It’s me, Briar!

Jane has been busy and she is feeling a bit poorly. That’s why things have been a bit quite around here, and that’s why I am helping out by writing a post.

I noticed that a few weeks ago somebody called Simon invented a meme for people to write about five books. Lots of people did it and they all said it was lovely. But I don’t read books, and I don’t know any other dogs that do. That’s why I am creating my own five things meme with five things that us dogs can answer.

Here it is:

My Favourite Place to Go

We have lots of lovely places that we can go to in Cornwall, but the beaches are my favourite. There are so many things you can do. Here is a list of eight things you might like to do on a beach:

  1. Running on the sand
  2.  Playing ball
  3.  Climbing on rocks
  4.  Sniffing in rock pools
  5.  Seaweed wrestling
  6.  Digging in the sand
  7.  Chasing pebbles
  8.  Swimming in the sea

Every dog should have a beach!

My Favourite Lively Thing

Jane taught me to play with a tennis ball in the garden when I was a very small puppy, and I have loved my tennis balls ever since. There is a tennis club in our park and so we find lots of stray balls that the tennis players don’t pick up. We play throwing the ball for me to chase, bouncing the ball for me to catch, and throwing the ball into the boating pool or the sea so I can swim for it. And when the balls begin to wear out I can pull the yellow coat off and chew the insides up. It’s great fun!

My Favourite Quiet Thing

We have a big bay window at the front of our house, and I like to sit in it and watch. I watch the birds in the garden and I watch the people, and their dogs walking on the promenade. I keep an eye out for the postman and visitors and I have a good bark at them, and I always look out when any of my humans go out so that I can give them a proper welcome when they come back. I like to know what’s going on!

My Favourite Thing to Eat

I generally dine on good quality kibble, but my very favourite thing to eat is cheese. Jane says that I have cheese radar, because wherever I am in the house, however sleepy I am, if she gets cheese out of the fridge I appear on the kitchen step. Well, I like cheese and sometimes she will give me a little titbit. Generally it’s Cheddar, but sometimes I get a little bit of the hard heel from the Parmesan to chew on. Yum!

My Favourite Thing I Haven’t Mentioned Yet

I have been sleeping ever since I was a little puppy and I am very good at it.

Here are my five favourite places for sleeping:

  1. In the bay window: so I can wake up and be back on guard duty straight away if something happens.
  2.  Under the dining table: so I can keep an eye on things from the back of the room without being disturbed.
  3.  In the Aga room: when the humans are doing noisy things in the front of the house I retreat to the back of the house where it’s quiet.
  4.  Out in the garden: in the summer I like to sleep on the cold earth in the shade from the tamarisk.
  5.  On the upstairs landing: when there are humans upstairs and downstairs I sometimes sleep on the landing, so I can monitor them all.

Now maybe you could ask your dog for their five things. Or your cat even. I would like to know!

7 responses

  1. What is it with you dogs and cheese? My friend’s dog Muffin is just as addicted as you are. Mind you, I’m pretty fond of it myself. Perhaps I should come back in the next life as a dog. What do you think?

  2. Briar I hope you are looking after Jane. Especially from all your lookout posts for them in the house.

    My dog had a thing for tea, made with milk and it also being warm!

  3. Hello Briar
    Lovely blog! I’m Isabel, author of Glasshopper and I wonder if you could pass thanks on to Jane who posted a wonderful review of my book recently.
    And greetings to you from Charlie, my border terrier boy, who is currently napping at my feet under the desk.
    All the very best, and good luck with the cheese hunting.
    Isabel 🙂

  4. Hello Briar! Thank you for telling us about all your favourite things. My cats are too busy sleeping and chasing each other to sit down and write a blog. Look after Jane for us!

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