Why do People Keep Having Such Wonderful Ideas?!

I’m not complaining really, it’s just that whenever I think the pile of books that I want to read right now is under control somebody comes up with a plan or scheme so wonderful that I rush to the bookshelves and the library to find more to join them.

So let’s take things chronologically:

In June Iris on Books hosts A Month of Dutch Literature.

When I read Iris’s first post my thoughts turned to Dutch books I might have read. I could only think of three, all very good crime novels. It seemed wrong that I knew nothing more of the literature of a country not so very far ago, and so I did a little investigation. And luck was with me, I won a copy of The Darkroom of Damocles by Willem Frederik Hermans from Lizzy Siddal. She describes it as her favourite Dutch novel ever and a book that she could happily reread. I have only read the cover notes and the opening, but I am already beginning to understand why she rates it so highly. I also have a Dutch novel lined up for letter V in my Crime Fiction Alphabet in the middle of the month, and I’m on the lookout for other books and hoping that other readers will point me towards more.

And then there’s Paris in July, hosted for a second year by Karen at Book Bath and Tamara at Thyme for Tea.

I am so pleased that this is happening again, as it was such a wonderful celebration of all things Parisienne – books, films, food, and more – last time around. But I’m not going to set down anything in advance, because last year I made a list of books and then proceeded to read different books instead. So this time around I’m just going to say that I am going to read some lovely books and have a wonderful time!

And then there’s International Anita Brookner Day, celebrated by Thomas at My Porch. A lovely idea, marking the 30th anniversary of the publication of the author’s first novel on her 83rd birthday.

I discovered Anita Brookner back when she won the Booker Prize with Hotel Do Lac. It was different from anything else I’d read then, and I loved it. I investigated her, then small, backlist and I’ve read everything she’s written since. Except her most recent book. So this might be the time to read that one, but I’m also very tempted to go back and re-read one of her earlier books. or maybe I could do both and see what time has changed…

And a little further in the future there’s Discovering Daphne. But that’s another post for another day …

I have more than enough books calling for immediate attention!

What books – and what reading projects – are calling you?

20 responses

  1. Lots of fantastic reading events! I’m going to join you for the Paris in July challenge and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not sure what I’m going to read for it, but I’ve been doing some research and hope to read a mixture of classic and contemporary French literature.

    • There are so many possibilities for Paris aren’t there? At the moment I have a little history, and a little mystery …

  2. Thank you for mentioning my event and I’m so happy to see you have books lined up for it!

    I’d like to participate in Paris in July this year, as well as Anita Brookner day, since it is on my birthday 🙂

    • Thank you for steering me towards some interesting books I might not have picked up without that little push. Events are so useful for that!

  3. I’m joining Paris in July, although I think we’ll be moving in the midst so it may not be blogged about in July, but it’s the joining in that counts. I’ve also put Discovering Daphne in my blog diary as I’ve been meaning to read since we honeymooed in Cornwall.

    • I wish you some lovely Parisienne novels to counterbalance the stresses of moving. It is indeed the joining in, and the wonderful discoveries to be made.

  4. So far the only group events I’ve joined in on are the Persephone, Virago and RIP. There is certainly something for everyone’s reading tastes isn’t there!
    I got halfway through a Brookner for Thomas’ challenge but she just wasn’t working for me. A different title on another day may do the trick though.

    • I’m a complusive dabbler, driven by the fear of missing something wonderful, I’m afraid.

      I have wondered if my perception of Anita Brookner is affected by the fact that I started reading her young, and before I started reading other authors with similar styles or concerns. A re-read might shed some light.

      A different book could make a difference – I would say start with the earlier books that tend to have a little more story – and she is an author who needs the right moment.

  5. I’m going to try and incorporate the books on my TBR shelves with Paris in July and Discovering Daphne. I’ve decided I’m only participating in online reads if it’s a book already on my shelves, so I’ll be forced to read it. I may have to just stop going to the library this summer as well, the TBR shelves are out of control. I’ve been to three amazing used book sales in the past month and while I’ve gotten some great bargains, I’ve added a shameful amount of books to my shelves. It’s very bad.

    • I’m trying to do the same, but I could never give up the library. I hope that I might find that the Cornish Library Service has something interesting tucked away in central stock for Discovering Daphne. I’ve only recently registered that while I was growing up, and when I started reading her books, DDM was living not so many miles away.

  6. I have found since blogging and reading others, you could get caught up in lots of readalongs and challenges. I do not want to put myself under undue pressure so I limit what I am joining in, especially as I have only been blogging for a while.

    I participated in the Persephone weekend in February, and aiming for the Daphne one, because I would love to read more, hopefully by then I will have read Jamaica Inn.

  7. It is easy to over-commit, but it is nice to join in. But I’m dabbling and just promising to read something and say hello. No big book lists and commitments, and I’m not going to worry if I finish a readalong late or drift away, or if I don’t quite get there on a challenge. it just proves I’m human!

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