A Library Notice that Made My Heart Skip a Beat

It isn’t something that I can recall happening before, but this particular notice really was one of those things that dreams are made of:

I do love my little corner of Cornwall, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else, but we are a very long way from London and the other major cities and so I miss a lot of things.

But now Nicola Beauman is visiting a library where I am a member!

I can walk there, through the lovely gardens where my lovely fiance is a volunteer, in less than ten minutes!

I am very nearly speechless!

15 responses

  1. You are soooo lucky!! Think she’ll ever come to Texas???

    I am so jealous — first of all you get to live in Cornwall, and now this. And books for sale too! Please take photos if possible and tell us all about it.

  2. You lucky woman! I’ve been to one of her book chats while in London and am not ashamed to say that I was completely enamoured. Looking forward to hearing all about the lecture once you have been!

  3. How wonderful Jane!! Have you met Nicola before? It will be exciting as she often includes your blog in the Biannually!!

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