Paperwork and Old Cassette Tapes

Today wasn’t a reading day, a knitting day, or even a taking Briar out on a jaunt day.

It was a dull but very necessary sorting out paperwork day.

Fortunately the proceedings were enlivened as I now have my computer, my external hard drive and my cassette player hooked up, and so I was able to listen to old tapes as I filed and binned. Many memories came to the surface and some lovely music that I hadn’t heard for quite some time was enjoyed.

What I still loved is lined up to be converted to MP3, and what I was less taken with will go back to the attic.

Down From Above by Ruby Blue and A Bowl of Chalk by Nicola Hitchcock flew to the top of the “must preserve” list.

And then there was this song. It always makes me cry, but I just had to keep playing it.

Easyworld should have been huge, and David Ford is a genius.

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