Just a Hat …

… but a very specific hat.

The Brief

This is what my fiance requested:

  • A simple, lightweight hat for the summer.
  • It should be plain and unfussy. A classic style.
  • It should have a brim that can be turned up.
  • It should be loose fitting, but not so loose it could slip off.

The Pattern

With all of that in mind I set out to find a good basic hat pattern in a fine gauge. I found this one. It’s simple and clear and it would be very easy to modify, though all I did was lengthen the ribbing so that it could be turned up – as per the brief!

The Yarn

I dug through my stash looking for something variegated in fingering weight. All of that stocking stitch  would be so boring in a plain colour. I came up with the perfect skein:

  • Green – because he’s a gardener
  • Blue – because he lives by the sea
  • Pale grey – to match his hair!

I bought it on Ebay a very long time ago, and it was handpainted by Misty Yarns. Lovely!

The Hat

After some hours of not very exciting knitting a hat emerged. The knitter in me would like to block it, but the wearer is happy with his new hat as it is.

A very simple hat, but a very satisfied customer.

The View from the Side

The View from Above

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