A Lot of Green Books and a Small Brown Dog

When Carolyn requested pictures of Viragos, Darlene posted a quite wonderful photograph featuring Deacon, her lovely border collie.

It sent me on a trip down memory lane, to the days I sent greeting in picture form to fellow members of the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics Group.

Briar and an appropriate green book!

And then I thought, wouldn’t it be lovely to show off a few of Briar’s greatest hits and to feature a few non-blogging Virago lovers. Do go over and meet them – you’ll find lovely people, wonderful libraries, and some great writing about books.

At first Briar wasn’t too keen on her new modelling career and so I had to sneak pictures while she was sleepy …

First up is Angel by Elizabeth Taylor for the lovely aluvalibri. It was Paola who one day had the bright idea of starting a group dedicated to Virago Modern Classics. That it has grown and grown is due in no small part to her warmth, love and enthusiasm. She is a true star in the Virago firmament.

And then there was Deborah by Esther Kreitzman for Cariola. In this case the book chose itself – as I am Jane in other parts of my life Cariola is Deborah.

In time Briar was persuaded to sit up and pose for the camera …

The New House by Lettice Cooper was for miss_read. A VMC that later became a Persephone for the founder of the Persephone group.

Briar and I aren’t sure who we selected The Third Miss Symons by F M Mayor for, but we are going to take this opportunity to say hello to Tiffin, and to her lovely dog Esme. Tiffin came all the way from Canada to Cornwall, but sadly the week she was here we were away on holiday. We hope that maybe she’ll come again and we’ll be sure to be home.

At the pinnacle of her modelling career Briar pose with two green books – Painted Clay by Capel Boake and Lantana Lane by Eleanor Darke for mrspenny. Two Australian authors for the lady who has tracked down copies of EVERY SINGLE VIRAGO MODERN CLASSIC!!!

After that I’m afraid it was downhill all the way. I had to resort to propping books up on a dozy dog …

Another nice pairing of title and recipient – The True Heart by Sylvia Townsend Warner for the former fabrile-heart. She has changed her name since, but we were quite proud of that one.

And then there was The World My Wilderness by Rose Macaulay for rbhardy3rd, one of a number of gentleman in the LibraryThing Virago community.

We chose The Clever Women of the Family by Charlotte M Yonge for christiguc, because she is clever, a technical wizard, and she has the finest array of badges I have ever seen for helping the LibraryThing community.

And last but very definitely not least …

The Sleeping Beauty by Elizabeth Taylor for the lovely bleuroses. After Cate’s dachshund Orph posed with the same book in a Dial Press edition Briar just had to reciprocate. I must also mention, just in case you haven’t found it, that Cate maintains a lovely thread dedicated to Virago Remembrances. It’s essential reading.

These days Briar has  retired from modelling. Well she’s very busy, guarding neighbourhood, exercising her humans and managing the household. But I think maybe I might be able to  persuade her to make a comeback …

18 responses

  1. Oh Jane, this is wonderful! Briar makes a lovely model! I heartily agree with you about the Librarything Virago Modern Classics group – such a group of warm hearted and generous women, all passionate about women’s literature. A true haven on the internet!

  2. I know I have a Briar photo here somewhere, which you sent with my 2008 Secret Santa gifts! I’ve always loved having Briar as an honorary member of the LT group.

  3. Dear Jane

    What a fantastic post and what a very obliging model Briar is! Now…..will my guinea pigs be so obliging? Or indeed the budgie? Or maybe the teenagers? Or – dare I mention – the Man of Wrath??????

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  5. Jane! It’s been such a wonderful Virago Reading Week and I’m just catching up with everyone’s blogs ! I’m so touched by what you wrote and I must say, Orph, is quite full of himself now that he’s mentioned on your blog. His new little friend, Ollie (a mini dachshund) is now clamoring to be in the pictures too. So perhaps we’ll be seeing more of Briar (I hope) and a debut with Ollie!

  6. I love this, Jane! So wonderful to see sweet little Briar with The New House! If only Willie the WonderCat were half as cooperative, just think what I could do!

  7. Jane, your kind words make me blush.
    It has been a joy to see this group grow, and the enthusiasm of our fellow Viragoites is contagious. Quite frankly, when I started it, I would have never imagined it would become so popular.
    Kudos to all of you, my friends!

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  9. Well, when you have the most photogenic of dogs, it would have been a shame not to press her into service. Thank you, Jane, for shining the light on the Virago group of readers, as fine a group of reading folk as you will find anywhere. It has made the world smaller and warmer – and definitely more literate! I was sorry to miss you in Cornwall but fell head over heels in love with the place, so luck and finances willing, I will return.
    Tui aka Tiffin

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