Housekeeping: Some Jobs to do …

…. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’d like to have things around here in better shape first.

So I’m making a list to spur me on. I won’t get to everything today, but I will make a start.

  • Set up and link page for Books read in 2011.
  • Update sidebar with my current projects and challenges and things.
  • Write my “Who Am I?” page. It’s been waiting for ages because I hate writing about myself, but I really must do it.
  • Update my “Reading Cornwall” page. I have lots more books to add.
  • Update my “Orange Prize” pages. I’m missing two years of lists and there are books I’ve acquired or read and written about to be recorded. And I must see what I have on hand for Orange January too.
  • Set up a new page for my Clearing The Decks project.
  • Set up the particular project that’s been in my head for ages.
  • Update my project pages.
  • Catch up with writing about books. I have lots to write about!
  • Line up another Clearing The Decks post or two.
  • Ponder those reading resolutions a little more.

Goodness, I’m making blogging sound like hard work. It isn’t – it’s a joy!

6 responses

  1. You are so organized! I am a little envious. Think I might have a hard time even writing a list like this. Am so bad that I have even contemplated using the Typepad blog tune-up service for a fee. So sad, I know. But I am cleaning my house today, and donating as much as I can get out the door to a charity shop as part of my new year de-cluttering initiatives. Happy blog work!

  2. I love doing this kind of stuff. I am usually off work between Christmas and New Year’s, and I set myself a whole bunch of bloggy tasks. And then I start the new year all shiny and clean! Good luck working thru your list.

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