A Dog Blogs: My Anniversary

“Hello – it’s me, Briar! Jane is letting me take over the blog for a little while, because yesterday was a very important day. It was my anniversary, exactly five years since I adopted my human family.

I was born on 25th October 2005 in a little village in St Germans, close to the border between Cornwall and Devon. My mother was a border terrier, and my father was a border terrier and I was a little puppy. I had a sister and three brothers and we all lived in a little cottage with my mum, my grandma, some other border terrier relations, and our breeder.

Us puppies knew that when we were a little bit bigger we would be going out into the world to adopt human families. It was very exciting!

One of my brothers left home first. He went over the sea to Jersey.

And next it was my turn.

Early in the morning Jane and her mother got into the car and drove for nearly two hours to St Germans to fetch me.

I said goodbye to my family and then we got into the car to take me to my new home. Jane drove the car and I sat in my new basket in the back next to Mother. (She’s Jane’s mother really, but that’s what I call her.)

Jane told me later that she had been worried that I wouldn’t settle down in the car, but I did. I was a very good puppy all the way to Penzance. I went to sleep for a while, and then I woke up and sniffed my basket and looked around while Mother chatted to me.

When we got to Penzance Jane parked the car on the seafront, opposite the promenade. And then she realised that she had a problem. She had to take me out in my basket and she had to lock up the car, but there was nowhere to put my basket down while she locked up. She couldn’t put it down in the ground in case I hopped out. You see I hadn’t had my inoculations, and so I could have picked up something nasty.

She decided to put my basket on top of the car and keep an eye on me while she locked up quickly. She says that what she saw then was lovely, and she will always remember it. I popped my head up and went sniff, sniff, sniff. I smelled my new home and the sea air, and I liked it.

We went to my new home then. I had a good look around and then I settled down to sleep on Mother’s foot. Well, I was a very young puppy still, and it had been a very exciting day.

When bedtime came Jane thought I might not settle on my own. After all, it was my first night in my own big basket without my sister and my brothers. But I did settle down, and I went to sleep for the whole night. I was a very good puppy.

I had a lovely new home and a lovely family.

And now we have had five happy years together, and I hope we will have lots more.

I had a lovely anniversary celebration, which is why I look so tired in my photograph.

Jane will be back tomorrow, and I will be back again soon …”

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  1. Christmas 2005 was completely overshadowed by the arrival of the puppy!

    Briar says thank you for your kind words and she’s like to wish all of your dos, cats and other animals a happy Christmas.

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