Searches, Dogs and Stamps

One of the lovely side benefits of blogging is seeing what search terms have brought people to your blog. I particularly love seeing the names of  lesser known authors – Edith Olivier, Leo Walmsley and C C Vyvyan all come up quite often. Because then I know that other people are reading their words and hoping to discover more.

But sometimes it’s the quirky search terms that strike you. Like this one:

border terrier stamp

It took me back quite some years, to the days when I first had an internet connection and I hadn’t discovered the delights of LibraryThing, Ravelry and book blogs.

But I knew Amazon and I knew Google. And sometimes, when I was at a loose end, I used Google to search for border terriers! I found wonderful pictures of dogs from far and wide, amazing stories, and an array of merchandise.

And  that particular search term it reminded me of something I had completely forgotten. That back in the day I turned up a stamp from Bermuda showing the head of a border terrier!


It’s a long way from the roots of the breed in the far north of England!

And now I’ve run the search again and found another stamp. From Mongolia!

Now I can understand people wanting to share pictures and stories about their dogs.

And I can understand the merchandise. We dog owners can be very susceptible to that sort of thing, and something emblazoned with the right breed of dog can make a wonderful gift to a fellow dog owner.

But how on earth did a small brown breed of dog make it on to postage stamps in two different corners of the globe?

Is it their first step towards world domination? Is Briar really asleep in the bay window, or is she secretly plotting?

I think we should be told!!

8 responses

  1. Briar looks too cute to plot! But then again, looks can be deceiving…

    When our first border collie passed away I spent far too long on youtube watching border collies at play. Tears streaming the whole time.

  2. Terriers are determined little dogs, and I’m sure it’s only a small step from manipulating me and the rest of her human family to much grander schemes …

    The border terrier who inspired those early searches was Pip. I was in London at the time and she was in Cornwall with my parents. We lost her at the grand old age of seventeen just over five years ago and although we knew it was her time to go we were devastated.

    At first we thought no other border terrier could be so lovely, but then we realised we couldn’t live without one and so along came Briar to take charge of the household.

    • It’s amazing how a little puppy can take over a household, isn’t it? briar came to us on 21st December nearly five years ago, and that Christmas was pretty much a sideshow to the cute puppy!

  3. Because they’re so darn cute! We wanted a border terrier and got on the waiting list for one but it took so long we gave up and got a Jack Russell Terrier. Our JRT is 15 years old now and she’s our baby, so everything ended up working out.

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