Tree Ferns, Miniature Palms and Snow

Here in the far west of Cornwall we see very little snow, and the salt in the air means that even when snow falls it rarely sticks. But in the early hours of the morning snow fell and it was still on the ground when we got up and set out on the morning dog walk.

We went through the sub tropical Morrab Gardens, and then down through Penlee Park.

With apologies for my poor camera phone (I’m hoping for something better for Christmas), here are some of the things we saw:

Tree ferns, miniature palms and snow.

Strange, but lovely.

13 responses

    • Briar was unimpressed I’m afraid. Busy, as usual, trying to get into the shrubbery to chase casts and squirrels, and greeting her friends.

  1. That is both lovely and surreal. I spent five years in Florida with plenty of palms, but never a snowflake. I wish Christmases had been like that, even just for a few hours. It was always so weird to see Christmas decorations on palm trees. But you have the real thing, which is much nicer.

    • I love palms and all of the sub tropical plants that good gardeners can grow in the usually mild Cornish climate. And I grew up just outside these gardens, and walked through them on my way to school, but I have rarely seen so much snow settle on the plants.

    • I can’t remember snow in Cornwall this early in the winter before. It’s a lovely change from our more usual wind and rain.

  2. We visited Penzance and Morrab Gardens (from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) in the rain, in late September. I have read your blog for some time, and told my husband about it as we walked through the gardens. I was delighted to see the snowy photos of it.


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