Eating Your Greens

One of the smaller pleasures of blogging is perusing the many different terms typed into search engines that have brought people to see you.

Some are unsurprising, some are strange, and a few are utterly bewildering.

Buy yesterday, for the first time I was alarmed. By these six words:

the joy of eating the virago

A horrible image formed in my mind ….

 Surely this wasn’t what my mother had meant when she told me to eat my greens!

Was there some terrible cult out there muching on lovely green books?

Was that why some of them are so very hard to find?

I worried for a while, but then the light dawned …

The Virago Book of Food: The Joy of Eating


I breathed a sigh of relief: it’s a lovely book!

12 responses

  1. Hahaha, it really makes me laugh that you actually set that photo up. Brilliant!! The Joy of Eating, that sounds like a highly promising book…

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