Persephone Reading Week: Two Quotations and Two Books to Give Away

Yes, it’s as simple as that!

‘Miss Pettigrew found hersely wafted into the passage. She was past remonstrance now, past bewiderment, surprise, expostulation. Her eyes shone. Her face glowed. Her spirits soared. Everything was happening too quickly. She couldn’t keep up with things, but, by golly, she could enjoy them.”

From Little Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson

I’m giving away the Persephone Classics edition.

When there were a lot of paying guests, Martha used to come in and recite poetry. This she prefered to conversation, as she had a good memory, and was willing to take all the credit for the works of Lord Tennyson and Longfellow and Lord Macaulay.

From Making Conversation by Christine Longford

I’m giving away the original Persephone edition.

Both books are used, but in very good condition. There are some books that when I find used copies I just have to pick up from the shelves and find good new homes!

It would be lovely to help a fellow devotee’s collection along, but it would also be lovely to be able to send somebody their first Persephone Book. So I’m going to make it easy.

Just tell me which Persephone books is calling you the loudest …

And feel free to interpret the question however you like.

It might be a book on your shelves already, it might be a book you’ve read about during Persephone Reading Week (if you visit Claire (here) and Verity (here) you’ll find round-ups), it might be a book you’ve read about on the website (here) or in the biannually …

Entries close Sunday 8pm GMT. And could you mention if you’d like to go in both draws or, if not, which one please?

34 responses

    • You know I can’t resist rescuing books Verity, so thank you for the opportunity to rehome these two!

      • I love the thought of you going round “rescuing” books! Have you rescued any more Viragoes recently?! I never see Persephones to rescue although I would do so!

  1. I’d love to be counted for both of course if thats not being too greedy. I have not read any Persephone and I doubt very much that I could ever get any in this part of the world! I like the sound of Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary especially when its described as a fairystory for grown ups. Its nice to have a little bit of an imaginary, fairytale world once in a while.

    • Not greedy at all, I just didn’t want to risk somebody winning only to discover they won a book they had all ready.

      Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary does sound lovely, and I’m reserving my copy for just the right moment.

  2. I do already own Miss Pettigrew so would like to be considered for Making Conversation.
    My Persephone Catalolgue is well thumbed as I treat myself to a gift of three books each birthday…my choices keep changing right up until the day I walk down Lambs Conduit Street with birthday money in my pocket.
    The book most calling to me next is The Priory by Dorothy Whipple. For many years I was a live in Nanny in a large country house; although not quite so long ago as 1939!

    • What a lovely way to spend your birthday. I have only read the opening to The Priory and it was lovely, but I had to set the book aside to read when i have a little more time.

  3. Well, you said we could interpret the question any way we liked. And the two that are calling me loudest haven’t actually been published yet, but I’m hoping that they will be one day … and that’s Every Good Deed and Because of the Lockwoods which are the only two of Dorothy Whipple’s books that I still haven’t read!
    I’d love to be entered for Making Conversation, as I already have Miss Pettigrew.

    • My goodness, you have been lucky to read so many Whipples. I would be very happy to se more of her titles emerge in dove-grey.

  4. Dorothy Whipple is calling the loudest at the moment…. They Were Sisters, I think.
    I have a copy of Miss Pettigrew, but would love to be entered for Making conversation. Thanks so much!

    • Dorothy Whipple is doing a lot of calling. Let’s hope the right people hear and more of her books are republished.

  5. How thoughtful and kind!

    The Persephone calling the loudest would be The Priory by Dorothy Whipple (No 40 in the catalogue). Just gaze upon that photo of ‘A Kitchen Scene’, add the Whipple factor and I really need to get busy and read this one!

    I don’t own either book on offer so if you could add my name to both draws, thanks Jane!

  6. I would love to be entered for both books, since I haven’t read any Persephone yet and this week is making me jealous of everyone who has (although no, not in a mean way).

    I think in general “Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary” is the book I’d like to read most of all Persephones at the moment. I’ve read some lovely reviews of the book. I have to admit that “Good Evening, Mrs Craven” and “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” come close seconds.

    • Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary does look lovely. I hope some Persephones find their way into your hands before too long.

  7. I think the one that’s calling the loudest is Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers, partly just for the title! And because I like stories about shy awkward girls who live in their heads. (I am one!)

    And I’d like to be entered for just Making Conversation, what a delightful looking book! I hadn’t noticed it before.

  8. I have been transfixed by your review of Marjory Fleming…so that’s what’s calling to me the loudest at the moment!

    I’d love to be entered for Making Conversation, please…thank you for another fantastic draw, Jane!

  9. Oh, I’d love a chance to win either of these books. I do not have any Persephones, but I think a Persephone AUTHOR that calls loudly to me (is it cheating to say I want all the author’s books, instead of just one particular one?) is Dorothy Whipple!

    • A good call, and good luck! Do look out for marghanita laski too Aarti – I think you’s like her style.

  10. I have and love Miss Pettigrew so I’d like to be entered for the Making Conversation draw. High Wages and To Bed With Grand Music were the books I was most looking forward to reading and since I’ve been so greedy and devoured them both for Persephone Reading Week, I suppose Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary is the one I’m most looking forward to reading now.

    • To Bed With Grand Music called me this week too, and I doubt I will be able to resist Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary for much longer. It sounds as if you’ve had an excellent reading week.

  11. The book that’s calling the loudest to me is Tea With Mr Rochester and that’s purely from reading reviews of it this week. Another person who already owns Miss P so cheekily asking to be entered for Making Conversation. Great idea – thank you.

  12. I’ve never heard of Persephones, but am instantly intrigued, because they sound lie Viragos! I was very interested in the review of Tea With Mr. Rochester and sad when my library didn’t have it. Making Coversation sounds like just my thing, so please enter me for that.

    • It was through the Virago group on LibraryThing that I first discovered Persephone. Persephones are maybe a little quieter, but just as powerful in their own way. And Persephone has published a few of the books that Virago dropped from its list.

  13. Lovely competition. Please may I be entered for Making Conversation by Christine Longford. Miss Pettigrew is my first Persephone, so if I am lucky Making Conversation would be my second 🙂

  14. It changes nearly every day, but currently I’m covering Consequences by E.M. Delafield the most. It deals with the lives of unmarried women in the early 20th century, and that’s a subject I’ve been interested in reading about.

    Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  15. I’m still a Persephone novice but I’m determined to change my status. I’ve read many of the posts this week and have bookmarked the catalog page. There are so many calling to me now but I’ll probably start with a Dorothy Whipple, maybe They Were Sisters.

    Please enter my name in your drawing. I’ve seen the Miss Pettigrew movie numerous times but had no idea it was originally a book. I’d love to win that one, but I would be thrilled with either one. Thanks for offering two of your beloved Persephones.

  16. Mine changes all the time! I’ve read so many lovely posts this week which have really made me want to read almost the entire catalogue. But more realistically, I can’t wait to read Operation Heartbreak by Duff Cooper, which I just bought along with 2 others. I would love a copy of Making Conversation, I already have my own Miss Pettigrew so I hope your copy will find a happy home elsewhere.

  17. I feel the call of Good Evening Mrs Craven. The sensitivity and characterisation that most reviews remark on really attracts me, as well as the homefront WW2 topic being of great interest. Would you put me in for Making Conversation please. I loved the post by your dog.

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