This week end I shall be ….

… fairly quiet, because it’s been a difficult week and I need to catch up with myself.

I’ll be trying to bring down the size of my library pile. I have three library books in progress.

Even the Dogs by Jon McGregor has me pretty much speechless and stunned.

Paperboy by Christopher Fowler is a lovely memoir of a bookish child, growing up in London in the sixties. Wonderful wit and lovely details.

I’m only one chapter into The Wives of Henry Oades by Joanna Moran, but I’m already engaged by some wonderful characters and intriguing possibilities.

And then there’s knitting. Sedgemoor has a back, a left front and half a right front. So I want to press on and finish. Just half a front, two short sleeves on the collar left to do!

I have my next garment project lined up – both yarn and patter to hand – but I’m not allowed to touch it until Sedgemoor is complete.

Fyberspates yarn, a simple shape, and added interest from a cable borrowed from Elsebeth Lavold …

And then there are three intriguing older books that I picked up in my other library this afternoon.

No, I didn’t really need any more books, but I can’t get there again until the weekend after Easter and I just couldn’t leave that ticket empty.

The big blue one is An Unsentimental Journey Through Cornwall by Mrs Craik, a wonderful Victorian travelogue.

The little green one is A Waif’s Tale by “Emma Smith”. Not the Persephone author, this is an earlier book. The life of a woman who survives a harsh upbringing to live a remarkable life.

These will be my last Cornish books for a while. Too many other things are calling right now.

And finally there’s Miss Jemima’s Swiss Journal – an account of the first tour of Switzerland offered by Thomas Cook in 1863.

One day I’ll get back to my own books, but probably not this weekend!

But of course it won’t all be indoor pursuits. Briar loves a beach and low tide this weekend coincides with her walk times.

This is where she sits by the door when she wants to remind me that it’s time to go.

The plan is Marazion on Saturday and Godrevy on Sunday – keep your fingers crossed for dry weather for us please!

I have to indulge her this weekend, because she is barred from a lot of beaches after easter until the autumn. How do I explain to a border terrier that she isn’t allowed on the scruffy, pebble-covered town beach that she can see from the house?

8 responses

  1. I’ve a pile of reading and knitting to do this weekend too.
    It’s way too wet to take the dogs out this you they’re banned from our ‘local’ beach until the autumn now ;0(

  2. Just found your blog so thought I”d say hello! Your knitting looks lovely – I’ve never used Fyberspates but I’ve admired it in a knitting shop before and it really is lovely. I shall look forward to seeing the finished cardigan!
    The books all sound very interesting too – really want to read Even the Dogs, now… I was quite intrigued by If Noone Speaks, and would love to read more of the same.

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