It’s Time to Talk Reading Challenges … again

I said I was cutting back, but I just can’t do it. Too many wonderful possibilities. So I’m signing up for a few more that line up very nicely with my reading plans.

Here’s they are:

The Welsh Reading Challenge

Hosted by the koolaidmom

The clue’s in the name. I’ve been meaning to pick up my copy of The Mabinogion for ages. The Earth Hummed in B-Flat by Mari Strachan has been sitting on my bedside table for ages, and something by Babs Horton maybe. I have a few Honno Classics waiting too. Lots of lovely possibilites.

Clover Bee & Reverie: A Poetry Challenge

A poetry challenge with a range of levels and a range of styles just has to be done. I have volumes by Virginia Graham and Judith Viorst in my Persephone collection. I love his novels, so I must read some of the verse of Thomas Hardy. And Emily Bronte. And I have a lovely volume of local verse on loan from the library right now.

The Scottish Literature Reading Challenge

Courtesy of Wuthering Expectations.

Scottish Literature from before 1914? I thought twice, but then something occured to me. I live just around the corner from the Admiral Benbow and yet I have never read Treasure Island. Maybe this challenge was a sign. Margaret Oliphant has been siting on my bedside table for a while now. Charlotte Lennox and Arthur Conan-Doyle are lurking on bookshelves. Maybe it’s time…

The French Historicals Oh-La-La! Challenge

Open for business at Enchanted by Josephine

French history: fact or fiction, That name. That badge. Simply irresistable. And so many possibilities. The Count of Monte Christo is already on my schedule. The Princess of Cleves and Madame Lescaut are waiting.Sandra Gulland’s trilogy. Lucy Moore on the women of the French Revolution. Antonia Fraser on Love and Louis XIV. If only there were more hours in the day.

And that’s it ….. well nearly.

My Own Cornish Reading Challenge

I resolved to read at least one book a month about my own corner of the world this year, and this is to make it official.

I’ve already been back to 1851 on a walking tour with Wilkie Collins. I have a lovely collection of local verse that I borrowed from the library yesterday. Laura Knight’s two volumes of autobiography will be coming home before too long. And a few more books about Cornish art. Fiction too. I want to read more by Arthur Quiller-Couch and make a start on Crosbie Garstin. And Angela Du Maurier – yes, Daphne’s sister wrote too. The Vyvians, Molly Hughes’s account of her mother’s life in Cornwall. So many books I want to read!

If anyone else is reading Cornish books I would love to hear about them. And maybe turn this into a proper challenge in 2011.

But for now I’m going to retire to bed with a book.

11 responses

    • Lu, you have done a wonderful job with this challenge. I need a little push to pick up poetry book and I’m sure I’m going to make some wonderful discoveries when I see what others are reading.

  1. Ooops I originally commented about this on your previous post (error management;)…Dropped by to say Thanks for joining my challenge! The books you picked are fabulous- can’t wait to read your reviews. Thanks:)

  2. I like the idea of a Cornish reading challenge – if you like, I’ll join in and try to read one Cornish book a month. I read a book about DDM earlier this month, so if I write about that that’s a good start! Will need some recommendations though, as I’m limited to DDM I think, plus the Wilkie Collins. Maybe you could email me some ideas?!

  3. I do love a fellow reading challenge junkie and I’m curious too. How many have you signed up for this year?

    BTW I haven’t read Treasure Island either so I’ll be joining Wuthering Expectations too!

  4. Oh – you have chosen some wonderful challenges! I am half tempted to join the Ooh la la challenge just for the fun button 🙂 — and the fact that it would bring back such fond memories of my undergraduate studies in French.

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