In Their Shoes Reading Challenge: Complete!


Memoirs,autobiographies and biographies? I love them!

I signed up to read eighteen, and I’ve done it.

Here’s the list:

A favourite? I couldn’t pick just one- there are some real gems on that list.

Emma Smith, Edith Olivier, Terence Frisby and Mollie-Panter Jones provided me with some quite exceptional books.

Oriel Malet, Elizabeth Jenkins, Roger Deakin and James Hamilton weren’t far behind.

And there were only a couple of disappointments, but I won’t name names.

 Thank you Vassily for hosting!

6 responses

  1. Oh – I am very intrigued by the one written by Jeremy Mercer regarding the Parisian bookstore Shakespeare and Co. I may need to check that one out.

    Congratulations on finishing such a great challenge.

  2. What a wonderful accomplishment! I just did my tally and I only read 2 non-fiction books this years. I really should do better in 2010.

    PS – are you still in for the Greengage Read? Just posted a reminder on my blog.

  3. These look wonderful – there are some I’ve heard of and others I shall have to look up. The only one I have read is The Good Women of China, which I found devasting in parts. Xinran is such a wonderful writer, I have a couple other books of hers.

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