Teaser Tuesdays / It’s Tuesday, where are you ?


I’m locked in the cool room! The door won’t move. How did that happen? I never forget to put the bolt up. Never! I must think. Who’s left in the house? Who will miss me? Who will hear me?

It’s Tuesday, where are you? is hosted by raidergirl3.


Just quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences the book you’re reading to tempt other readers.

Here is mine:-

“His moustache was thicker than ever, so stiff a fly could have strolled out to the end, like a prisoner walking the plank on a pirate ship. Except that flies can’t survive in a cold room and thirty below zero, and neither could the owner of the blond frozen moustache: Nestor Chaffino, chef and pastry cook, renowned for his masterful way with a chocolate fondant.”

It might sound as if I’ve giving away the plot, but I’m not really, because those are the first two sentences of the book!

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB

This all comes courtesy of The Last Resort by Carmen Posadas

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  1. Okay, have to admit made me laugh and go “ewww” at the same time! Great teaser and what a way to start a book. I am going to check back for your thoughts when you have finished.

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