A Dog Blogs: Where Have We Been ?

Briar at Base Camp

Hello! Jane has asked me to write a post to explain why we haven’t done any blogging or commenting for a few days.

It started on Thursday. Jane had to work late, and so it was beginning to get dark when we went out for our evening walk.

On the way home we were coming across the beach and, while Jane was waiting around the corner for me to finish sniffing, we got separated. I thought that she had gone to the boating pool, and so I went to look for her there. And she thought I was still on the beach, but when she looked back I was gone. She was very worried and looked up and down the promenade and the beach for me. But I wasn’t there.

I went all the way home on my own. Through the boating pool and over some busy roads. I went to the back door, but I couldn’t get in. I didn’t know that Jane had come home for a torch and to organise a search party to look for me! And that her mother, who can’t walk very well, was listening for the phone and asking passers-by if they had seen me.

So I went to the gardens to look for Jane. I went all round the gardens, but she wasn’t there. And then the security man locked all the gates. I couldn’t get out! So I barked very loudly. Lots of people heard and came to the gate. And Jane heard me! She came and climbed over the fence and we were reunited! A happy ending!

And that’s why there was no blogging on Thurday.

On Friday Jane was poorly so there was no blogging then either.

But today she is feeling a little better and so we are back. And we are cheering for the Read-a-Thon.

Ra Ra Ra !

or as we dogs say: Grrrr Grrrr Grrrr!

And happy birthday to me – 4 years old tomorrow!

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  1. Briar! Oh my goodness, my heart actually started to pound for poor Jane! I would be so upset to find myself in that position. I’m so glad that you found your way back to each other, safe and sound. Phew!

  2. Briar has had a lovely birthday – a jaunt to the woods, specially cooked meals and a new toy monkey.

    She and I are very happpy to be reunited and thank you all for your concern.

    Normal service has now been resumed!

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