Another Grey Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s been a grey, wet and windy in Cornwall today. The sort of day you only venture out twice, and only then because the dog needs to be exercised. The sort of day when even Briar, when I opened the door, looked out with zero enthusiasm

And so for most of the rest of the day I have been reading and knitting.

Persephone Reading week has over-run in this house – I am still reading the poems of Virginia Graham and the short stories of Frances Towers. Both wonderful and both highly recommended.

And I have been perusing my shelves to put together a list for the R I P Challenge.

But it’s been more of a knitting day really.

Last year I gave mainly books for Christmas but this year I am knitting scarves. Here is what I have on the go at the moment: –


I always have several knitting projects on the go so I have something straightforward for odd moments, something portable, something more interesting …

The first is nearly done. Tilted blocks in two shades of purple for my future sister-in-law. Very simple but very effective.

The second is a cat’s paw scarf for a friend, in lovely Fyberspates sock yarn. I have only done a couple of repeats to see how it looks so far, but I am very pleased with the effect.

And then there is a shawl for my mother – she saw the yarn when I bought it without a project in mind and loved it. I decided on a shawl because she feels the cold in the evenings. Simple, but I did a few tests and stocking stitch seemed to suit the yarn best. The band at the edge unravels to form a fringe – I hope!

And finally, I’ve just cast on a ruffle scarf, knitted lengthways, for my niece. Another simple but effective pattern. 250 stithes now but it increases to nearly 2,000. I may need a second circular needle!

And now I’m going to open up The Alchemy of Murder by Carol McCleary. America’s first female investigative reporter encounters murder and mayhem at the World’s Fair in Paris. It looks wonderful!

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  1. Such lovely gifts! When you have something nice on your needles you don’t mind the rain so much. I have a pair of socks to finish but as usual, I’m planning the next pair.

    • I have yet to knit socks. I am bad with four needles, always losing stiches off one end or the other. But there are so many beautiful sock yarns and patterns that I may have to focus an make 2010 the year of the sock!

  2. All four of your projects look cheerful enough to handle a gloomy day. The ruffle scarf that increases to 2000 stitches has me intrigued. Please show a picture when you are done.

    I really enjoyed your Persephone Reading Week. I learned a lot and now I have a strong desire to own one of those books.

    • The ruffle scarf is a free pattern on Ravelry. It’s very simple – knit, purl and a mass of yarn overs! I’m glad you enjoyed the Persephone posts. It was interesting to focus on one theme for a whole week.

  3. I would LOVE to take a knitting class sometime soon. It sounds like the perfect, cozy past-time for a cool fall or cold winter night.

    All four projects look just wonderful.

    • Have you asked in your loal yarn store (if you have one) about knitting groups. Most love having a new knitter to teach and show off to!

  4. All of those look gorgeous! You’re so talented. I’ve tried knitting so many times but I don’t think me and two sticks click. Hope tomorrow brings nicer weather!

    • The sun is shining – and I’m back at work. C’est la vie! Your reference to two sticks makes me wonder if maybe you crochet with one? I really can’t get the hang of crochet!

  5. A fellow knitter!
    I like the block scarf. Makes the garter stitch more interesting. I like the pattern on the tan scarf. Simple yet just enough to keep you interested. Great projects 🙂
    Are you on Ravelry?

    • The block scarf is such a simple idea, and mindless knitting, but it is so effective. I’m FleurFisher on Ravelry – who are you over there?

      • I’m Jennygirl. I try to stick with that name everywhere. I’ll look you up and friend you.
        I must admit though that my project page is sadly neglected. I still have a knitting blog but since I started with the book blog….well that’s a bit neglected too. Maybe over this holiday weekend I’ll update my knitting stuff.
        And socks are really easy. My girlfriend and I were scared to death. It’s only yarn and sticks so I don’t know why. It’s not surgery. Just try a couple times and you’ll get the hang of it. It is weird at first though. Still is after 2 years 🙂

      • I’ve enjoyed reading your knitting blog, but I didn’t know it was you! I’ve pondered starting one, but I don’t really have the time at the moment and I lack a decent camera. You can get away with it on a book blog, but you do need good quality pictures for a knitting blog. One day!

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