Teaser Tuesdays / It’s Tuesday, where are you ?


Just quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences the book you’re reading to tempt other readers.

Here is mine:-

“Matty had wakened early that morning in the small room over the front hall, where she slept alone, and sitting bolt upright in bed had immediately seen that the sun was shining on the roofs of the houses on the opposite side of the Cross. Dressing herself with difficulty but determination, she slipped past her mother’s door and the room where Ivor and Archie lay abed.”

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB


Good morning. I am Mrs Lettice Peters. I have travelled the world, but now I am settled at home with our four children in St Idris, a small cathedral town in Pembrokeshire. We are expecting my husband home very soon, and today I shall be travelling north to Dundee to meet his ship.

It’s Tuesday, where are you? is hosted by raidergirl3.

This all comes courtesy of The Captain’s Wife by Eiluned Lewis.

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