Library Loot

I two big books of my own in progress (Little Dorritt and The Tale of Genjii), so I wasn’t looking to bring too much home from the library this week. But I couldn’t not go in (it’s theraputic at the end of the day!) and I couldn’t come away completely empty-handed. There were a lot of great books on the shelves, but I was very restrained and only came away with three. Here they are:

Leaving The World

Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy

“On the night of her thirteenth birthday, Jane Howard made a vow to her warring parents – she would never get married and she would never have children. But life, as Jane comes to discover, is a profoundly random business. Many years and many lives later, she is a professor in Boston, in love with a brilliant, erratic man named Theo. And then Jane falls pregnant. Motherhood turns out to be a great welcome surprise – but when a devastating turn of events tears her existence apart she has no choice but to flee all she knows and leave the world. Just when she has renounced life itself, the disappearance of a young girl pulls her back from the edge and into an obsessive search for some sort of personal redemption. Convinced that she knows more about the case than the police do, she is forced to make a decision – stay hidden or bring to light a shattering truth.”

I was a lttle disappointed in Doulas Kennedy’s last couple of books, so I studied this one carefully before making a decision. The synopsis suggested that it could be a return to form, so home it came.

Uncle Montague

Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley

“Uncle Montague lives alone in a big house and his regular visits from his nephew give him the opportunity to relive some of the most frightening stories he knows. But as the stories unfold, a newer and more surprising narrative emerges, one that is perhaps the most frightening of all. “Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror”, it transpires, are not so much works of imagination as dreadful lurking memories. Memories of an earlier time in which Uncle Montague lived a very different life to his present solitary existence.”

Staci of Life in the Thumb reads a lot of great Young Adult books, and she inspired we to take a look in the section of my library. This book caught my eye and I though a few short scary tales would contrast nicely with my other reading. Thank you Staci!

Where Shall We Go For Dinner

Where Shall We Go For Dinner?: A Food Romance by Tamasin Day-Lewis

“Sharing a good dinner is one of the chief pleasures of life. This is a year of travel and culinary discovery, part memoir, part love story, but the glue that holds it together is food, a shared passion, if not obsession. Tamasin and her companion Rob set out with no real plan for the forthcoming year other than that each trip offers the possibility of perfection and discovery of something new. Whether investigating the food scene in San Francisco, sipping a cocktail in Venice, or walking down Sullivan St in New York to dine on fried chicken at the Blue Ribbon, they always set out in hope of the perfect dinner. They may find it at a small cafe in the hills of Santo Stefano Belbo in Piemonte, or snacking on falafel in a warm wad of pitta bread at Mamoun’s, a hole in the wall in Greenwich Village. Sometimes they try too hard and don’t find it at all, but even the disappointment is food for thought…and there is always tomorrow.”

I love Tamasin Day-Lewis’s writing and I have a few of her cookery books, but I wasn’t aware of this book until Belle of Ms Bookish included it in her Library Loot last week. It looked wonderful, so I ordered it staight away and it appeares on the reservations shelf just two days later. So thanks are due to both Belle and the Cornish Library Service!


So have you read any of these? What did you think of them?

And what did you find in the library this week?

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  1. Libraries are so relaxing. I love hanging out in our local one. I have a hard time not going to the library. It’s difficult to not walk out with one or two books.

  2. My son came back from the library with The Tales of Terror book last week. It intrigued me,so I’ll probably read it before it goes back. I don’t tend to look at young adult, apart from those Dylan brings home. Those I do read after him are usually good though so perhaps I sold look more!

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