Library Loot / Cover Attraction

Just one library book this week, but it’s gem. It’s also very beautiful and so it is doing double duty as both Library Loot and a Cover Attraction.

Here it is:

The Spy Game

The Spy Game by Georgina Harding

‘If you were a sleeper, how long do you think it would take before you forgot who you really were? If you were living undercover for years and years. Which person would be you?’ On a freezing January morning in 1961, eight-year-old Anna’s mother disappears into the fog. A kiss that barely touches Anna’s cheek, a rumble of exhaust and a blurred wave through an icy windscreen, and her mother is gone. Looking back, Anna will wish that she could have paid more attention to the facts of that day. The adult world shrouds the loss in silence, tidies the issue of death away along with the things that her mother left behind. And her memories will drift and settle like the fog that covers the car. That same morning a spy case breaks in the news – the case of the Krogers, apparently ordinary people who were not who they said they were; people who had disappeared in one place and reappeared in another with other identities, leading other lives. Obsessed by stories of the Cold War, and of the Second World War which is still a fresh and painful memory for the adults about them, Anna’s brother Peter begins to construct a theory that their mother, a refugee from eastern Germany, was a spy working undercover and might even still be alive. As life returns to normal, Anna struggles to sort between fact and fantasy. Did her mother have a secret life? And how do you know who a person was once she is dead?

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7 responses

  1. Quite a few bloggers seem to be reading this at the moment, the premise is intriguing. It reminds me of Spies by Michael Frayn, so I will look out for it.

  2. I have this one to read as well. I love the cover of the UK edition. The US edition looks very different–not quite as elegant, but the contents are the same.

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