The Herring Seller’s Apprentice by L C Tyler


Ethelred Tressider is a writer. Well actually he is three writers – he writes traditional police procedurals as Peter Fielding, historical crime as J R R Elliot and romance as Amanda Collins. The three are successful enough to ensure that they go on being published, but no more than that.

Ethelred’s writing is not going well and life has fallen into a rut, and he knows it.

But then, suddenly, things begin to happen. His ex-wife Geraldine, who left him for his best friend years ago, has gone missing, leaving the impression that her ex-husband may have been the last person to see her.

What has happened? Has she been killed? Has she killed herself. Or has she maybe set the stage for her own disappearance?

Ethelred’s chocolate loving agent Elsie Thirkettle tries to persuade him to investigate – after all, solving the mystery would do wonders for his career!

But soon she begins to wonder if her client knows more about what has happened than he telling her. Is Ethelred as innocent as he first appears?

This is a wonderful tale – cleverly constructed and well executed, with great warmth and wit. Some developments are guessable, but it spoils the journey not one bit.

That’s largely because Ethelred and Elsie are such marvellous creations. Their conversations are a joy and it was a delight to spend time with them

A wonderful traditional mystery!

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