The Good Women of China by Xinran


This is a quite extraordinary book.

In the course of her work as a presenter at a Chinese radio station Xinran she received many letters, most of them were from women. Moved by the stories she read, she decided that she wanted to learn more about Chinese women’s lives

She uncovered stories about women who had endured lengthy sexual abuse during the Cultural Revolution, women who endured extreme poverty, women suffered from dictates of a male-centred society, women who had had their children taken from them or who had lost them.

Xinran tells all of their stories simply and clearly.

And what makes them truly extraordinary is that the women do not complain, they do not compare their lives with others more fortunate, they do not expect help and assistance. They accept, they endure and they go on living

And so this is difficult book and a book that will haunt you, but it is also a wonderful testament to the human spirit and a book that you must read.

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  2. I’ll be put this book into my TBR list. Inspired by your A to Z challenge, I just had to know what book you read to fulfil the X challenge. This sounds like a great book!

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