Teaser Tuesdays / It’s Tuesday where are you ?


I am Tottie. I live with Mr and Mrs Plantaganet in a shoebox. Emily and Charlotte play with us often and we are content, but we would love the chance to live in a proper house.

It’s Tuesday, where are you? is hosted by raidergirl3.


Just quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences the book you’re reading to tempt other readers.

Here is mine:-

“Tottie was made of wood and it was good wood.She liked to think of the tree of whose wood she was made, of its strength and of the sap that ran through it and made it bud and put out leaves each spring and summer, that kept it standing through the winter storms and wind.”

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB

This all comes courtesy of The Doll’s House by Rumer Godden

(Re-reading for the Childhood Memories reading Challenge.)

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